Breath & Blood Test

Breath and/or blood tests are the main component of most DUI or OWI cases. Without solid evidence that the suspect was over the legal limit of intoxication at the time of the arrest, prosecutors can have a hard to making charges stick. At the same time, refusing to take a test can lead to the revocation of your drivers license for up to a year. For help working through your DUI or OWI case as it relates to a breath or blood test, call the offices of Sumner & Associates today. Our team is ready to speak with you regarding you case and will be happy to work hard for you best interests.


There are many possible defenses for a failed breath or blood test that can be used in court. For one, the test may have been faulty or the equipment may not have been kept up to standards that are required by law. The equipment has to go through routine maintenance and testing, and if that does not happen, the readings provided by the equipment may not be admissible in court. Also, the arresting officer in your case has to have been trained in the use of that equipment. If it can be proven that the officer was not fully educated as to how that equipment is put into use, there is a possible defense against your charges to be built.


The ramifications of a failed breath or blood test can be far reaching and long lasting. To get started working on your defense today, call the offices of Sumner and Associates for a free consultation. We look forward to assisting you in this matter.