DMV Hearings

Most DUI or OWI proceedings have two portions. There is the criminal part that relates to possible punishments like jail time, fines, etc., and there is the DMV hearing. If you have been pulled over for suspicion of OWI and refused to take a breath or blood test, your driver’s license is automatically suspended. From there, you have two weeks in which to appear before the DMV and argue in your defense to have your driver’s license reinstated. If you do not meet that requirement, you will be facing a full year without the right to drive. If you would like help in making sure you present a good case to the DMV, call our offices today for a consultation.


Driving privileges are very important not only for your personal freedom, but also for you to be able to make a living. If you can’t drive legally, you will be left with public transportation as the only option to get you to and from work reliably. If the public transit system is too far from your home, or doesn’t travel near your place of employment, you could be facing the possibility of losing your job because of not having a license. It is obvious that this DMV hearing is very important and something you need to make sure to get right.


The team at Sumner & Associates has been involved in many DMV hearings related to DUI or OWI charges, and will be happy to work with you on your case. You can trust that we will keep your best interest at heart throughout the process, and do everything we can to make sure you become a legal driver once again.