DUI 2nd Offense

A repeat offender under any crime will always face more serious penalties than a first timer. The law treats repeat offenders as an ongoing problem that will only be resolved with harsher punishments and the threat of extended jail time. If you have previously been convicted of a DUI and are currently being charged with a second one, you would be wise to retain council right away. In order to have a chance to beat this charge, you will want to get to work immediately on the defense that you plan to bring in front of the court. The team at Sumner & Associates is standing by and ready to help you in this matter.


Many of the punishments for a second DUI are similar to the first conviction, only increased in volume. Among the many possible outcomes that stem from a conviction include –


  • Extended jail time
  • Long-term probation and community service
  • Entry into a drug and alcohol prevention program
  • Ignition lock installation on your car
  • Heavy fines
  • Longer suspension of driving privileges


Additionally, an individual with a record that holds multiple DUI’s will have a harder time getting a job, getting credit, etc. If you do have to serve jail time and need to look for work when you are released, you might have trouble finding an employer willing to take a chance on someone with that track record. Because of that, it is vital that you work as hard as possible to fight this second DUI charge.


Sumner & Associates are experienced in the state of Michigan with DUI cases, and we will bring all of our effort and knowledge to your aid. Our team is looking forward to receiving your call soon and helping you make the first step toward building a proper defense against this very serious accusation. We hope to hear from you today.