Dui 3rd or More

By the time you reach a third DUI offense, the court will not have any reason to take mercy on you in terms of sentencing. If you are convicted for a third time, you can expect to suffer very harsh punishments and have the rest of your life affected by the outcome of the trial. In order to avoid such a devastating situation, you will want to retain legal council right away and start to discuss your possible defenses. The team at Sumner & Associates is experienced with DUI defense and will work hard to help you argue this case in court.


One of the major concerns when you start to accumulate DUI convictions is the possibility for a felony charge and extended jail time. A felony charge is automatic for the fourth DUI, but could even be brought for a third if you have caused an accident while driving drunk or injured another person in some way. If you are convicted of a felony, you will be sent to prison for a minimum of a year and face a wide range of other punishments when you get out.


After three or more DUI convictions, you will face the possibility of never getting your driver’s license back within the state of Michigan. If you do get it back at some point, it will only be after several years have gone by. That license suspension will combine with fines, community service, alcohol rehabilitation, and more to create a total punishment that is not easily gotten away from.


Call our office today for a free consultation. Just because you have been charged with your third or more DUI violation does not mean you are guilty or will be convicted. The team at Sumner & Associates will work with you to formulate a defense and we will fight to the end for your rights. We hope to speak with you soon.