DUI Penalties

There are a wide range of penalties on the table when you are convicted of driving under the influence in the state of Michigan. If you are caught operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content of over .08% and test for that level on a field sobriety test, you will likely be charged. Even though you are charged, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be convicted. Fighting these charges with the help of an experienced law firm such as Sumner & Associates will give you a chance to clear your name in this serious case.


The first consideration in any DUI case is if the accused has any prior conviction for DUI in the state of Michigan. Repeat offenders will always be treated more harshly than those who have run afoul for the law for the first time. Among the many serious penalties that will be possible in a DUI case include the following –


  • Jail time based on prior convictions, circumstances of arrest
  • Loss of driving privileges for extended period of time
  • Community service or restitution to any damaged parties
  • Ignition lock device on vehicle
  • Fines and higher insurance rates


The penalties for a DUI conviction will likely be felt long after the arrest and trial have ended. In order to avoid significant penalties and to be able to keep your life as normal as possible, call Sumner & Associates today for a free consultation. Our team is looking forward to speaking with you and discussing the options for defending this case.