Juvenile Crimes

Having a child be charged with a juvenile crime in the state of Michigan is a troubling and difficult experience. Any conviction, or guilty plea, in a juvenile crime case will have an adverse affect on the child for many years to come. Things like getting a job or getting into college will be made much more difficult by the fact that the child has a mark on the record. To fight any juvenile crimes charges and keep your child on the right path, give our offices a call today. The team at Sumner & Associates has worked on many juvenile crimes defense cases, and will bring that experience to assist you.


The first concern when fighting these charges is making sure the prosecutor doesn’t decide to increase the severity of the charge by trying the child as an adult. We will argue in court to prevent that, so getting started as soon as possible is your best bet.


Pretty much any crime that can be charged to an adult can be charged to a juvenile in Michigan court. Among the most serious include –


  • DUI or drunk driving charges
  • Sexual assault or statutory rape
  • Drug crime charges
  • Credit card theft or forgery charges
  • Assault and violent crime


We know you would do anything for your child, so get them proper representation right away. We will give you a free consultation when you call our office, and will inform you of how we can help resolve this matter. Please give us a call today.