License Restoration

Losing your right to drive can take a toll on you both emotionally and in your ability to earn an income. You might feel trapped in your home without a driver’s license, and it may become difficult to hold down a job when you cannot drive to and from it each day. If you have had your license suspended and would like to get it restored in order to get back to life as usual, contact our offices today for a free consultation. We would love to speak with you about the details of your case and discover how we can help you get on the road to regaining your legal right to drive.


One of the most common ways to lose your driver’s license in the state of Michigan is to be convicted of a DUI or OWI crime. If you can demonstrate to the court that you have learned your lesson from the driving conviction and are no longer a risk out on the road, you might be able to get your license back sooner rather than later. Similarly, if you have lost your license for any other reason, you will need to demonstrate that the necessary changes have been made and that history will not repeat itself.


Not all attorneys in the state of Michigan are experience with restoring driver’s licenses, so you want to work with one that is. Call our offices now to speak with someone about your situation and what we might have to offer your arguments in this case. We look forward to speaking with you soon.