Marijuana Possession

Possession of marijuana is one of the most common drug crimes in the state of Michigan. Despite the frequency with which this law in violated, the prosecution still works hard to convict in any drug case. That being so, you will want to find a qualified attorney that will work hard to defend you against this possession charge. The team at Sumner & Associates has experience with marijuana cases and will get to work right away on building your case.


The most basic charge under this law is if you are simply caught smoking marijuana. A conviction for that charge is a misdemeanor and can land you in jail for up to 90 days and you can receive a $100 fine. If you are caught possessing marijuana, not just smoking it, the penalties increase but it is still a misdemeanor. In that case, you might spend as much as one year in prison, although jail time for a first offense is rare.


When the possession charges start to get real serious, however, is when you have marijuana plants. That charge is a felony, and is punished under the law by a minimum of 4 years in jail. With a large enough possession of plants, you could potential receive a 15 year jail sentence.


Because of the escalating nature of marijuana possession punishments, you want to fight hard to keep even the first offense off of your record. Having just one mark against you under the marijuana laws will hurt if you are ever arrested again. Call Sumner & Associates today for a free consultation regarding your defense options. We hope to be able to help you with this matter soon.