Professional DUI

Individuals who work in any professional field such as doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc., rely on their professional license as a lifeline to their employment and their income. If that license is taken away, the career that have worked to achieve quickly is put in jeopardy and they may not be able to get it back on track. If you are a professional in one of these kinds of fields and have been charged with a DUI, you might be facing the possible loss of your license with a conviction. You need to contact a qualified attorney like Sumner & Associates right away in order to start working on your defense and hope to prevent a conviction from putting your career at risk.


The ultimate goal in this kind of case is to have the charges dropped. While not always possible, there are a number of circumstance in which that could be achieved. Some of the possibilities include –


  • Improper arrest procedure
  • Faulty testing equipment
  • Illegal vehicle stop prior to arrest
  • Other mistakes made by officer


Regardless of what kind of professional field you work in, and what the circumstances are surrounding your charges, you need to get to work right away on your defense. Finding a way to prevent a conviction from occurring is the best chance you will have at keeping your life on track both personally and professionally.


Call the offices of Sumner & Associates today for a free consultation and to get started taking the first steps toward building your case. Our team will fight to the end for your rights, and to do whatever we can to help you come out ahead in this difficult matter. We look forward to your call.