Sumner & Associates, P.C.

Sumner and Associates is a respected law firm in Rochester Hills, Michigan that specializes in the areas of DUI and Criminal Defense. By keeping a narrow focus on those two areas of law, we have been able to develop a deep understanding of the ins and outs of those kinds of court cases. We are highly experienced in the courtrooms of the state of Michigan, and will bring that knowledge and background to your aid. When you retain our services for your defense, you can count on our team working hard to ensure that you are defended fully from start to finish. Legal proceedings can be an intimidating process, so you will want a steady hand by your side. Contact Sumner and Associates today for a free consultation and to learn what we have to offer you.


Legal council is meant to be of assistance to you, so that is our main focus – assisting you in whatever way is necessary to form a true partnership with you as a client. Since 1961, we have been using that ‘client first’ attitude to ensure that we use our legal knowledge and experience in a manner that best serves your needs. We go out of our way to make the legal process as simple and hassle-free for you as possible, including several office locations and fast and easy communication.


We also take pride in making sure that you fully understand what is going on in your case. Legal speak can often be confusing, so we take the time to walk you through it and make sure you are on the same page all throughout the process. Ultimately, it is your life that is being affected, and you have a right to know what is happening at all times.


Sumner and Associates is a great choice for your legal needs in and kind of DUI or Criminal Defense case in the state of Michigan. Our team is standing by to offer you a free consultation and to help you plan the next step in your process. We look forward to receiving your call.